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I had a call from a customer in Keighley who said they couldn’t open their door

The door in question is the upvc door pictured,if you look at the handle you notice it’s drooping.This is a common occurrence in upvc door locks,you can prolong the life of a upvc door lock, by simply lubricating the mechanism via the latch,they also sometimes need realigning.

This is a tell,tell sign your mechanism has failed or it has not a lot of life left in it.

The customer told me the door was about 17 years old, considering a upvc mechanism has a 10 year life, it had given good service.
I opened the door , fit a new mechanism and left a happy customer with a fully working door.

I am finding more and more upvc door lock problems like this on my travels around Bradford,Keighley,Shipley, Bingley, Halifax and Huddersfield, where there has been a lot of new properties built, upvc doors seemed to be the favoured door of most builders these days.

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