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When thinking about home security what should we consider?

The one thing that people do often forget about  when considering home security especially if they have been living in a house for a short while,is that there might be dozens of keys to your property,which means of course any number of people could enter your house at anyone time. It is advisable to change your locks. 

You could have a patented locking system,this means no keys can be copied only you have the right to have new keys duplicated. 

Do you have an alarm system installed? We as a society can be a bit lazy and I would imagine a lot of people still have the same code they inherited , change the code,if you take on an existing system, you can arrange for your alarm engineer to do this for you, which normally would be included in your contract,this is another thing insurance companies insist on as part of your insurance and home security, if you have an alarm.

If you don’t have an alarm fitted it would be a good idea and this would vastly improve your home security ,they are not as expensive as you might think and a good deterrent to burglars 

For more info read this article by the Master locksmith association.

If you do have any valuables keep them in your loft? Burglars hate lofts, they don’t like confined spaces,they need to be able to exit a house as quick as possible. 

If you have a wooden door you should have a British Standard 5 lever mortice lock fitted and ideally a second lock in the door at just above ankle level.A door viewer would be a good addition as would a good quality door chain.

Don’t leave any objects lying about your garden,burglars do use these as weapons to break into your house.

If you are any doubt consult your local locksmith.