Our Locksmith Services:

Absolute Locks -locksmith services offer a 24 hour locksmith call-out. We are committed to providing a high quality and affordable service, whatever the time of day or night. In the majority of cases we can be at your premises within an hour of your call, often sooner. All appointments are made at a time to suit you.

Emergency services

If you are locked out of your home we always use non-destructive techniques; that way if you haven’t lost your keys and you have keys in your house you will only be charged for the safe opening of the door. 

Bailiff -Services

In the case of house repossessions we can attend at the allocated time to gain access to your property; we have been employed by many bailiffs and are there to provide a prompt and effective service

Free security check

We will assess the security of your property and offer free independent advice on how best to improve your security and so reduce the chance of you being burgled


 Unfortunately in our line of work we attend many properties that have been burgled.  With our vast experience in these matters we are able to assess your property and advise on how best to reduce the risk of this happening again. We have worked with the police on improving the security of many properties across Yorkshire.

Lock changes

Our vans are fully stocked with recognised quality brands of locks and locking products. This means that for the majority of cases we will only have to visit your property once.  Lock changes are particularly important when you purchase a new house, after all, you never know who may have copies of keys for your existing locks

Locksmith training

Over the years Absolute Locks have successfully trained people who want to gain skills to allow them to work in the locksmith industry; we also support existing locksmiths to improve their existing skills.  We offer a bespoke service to teams of maintenance staff, please contact Absolute Locks to discuss your requirements

UPVC door locking mechanisms

We have many years experience in all aspects of UPVC door mechanisms. When UPVC doors fail it can leave them in either the shut or open position; either one causes you a problem; here at Absolute Locks we can offer a solution to your problem and most problems can be resolved through one visit to your property