At Absolute Locks we are committed to ensuring your security. You want to feel safe in your property and we are here to give you the best possible advice.  All of our locksmiths are CRB (police) vetted so you have added peace of mind.

We are happy to undertake a no obligation visit where we can advise you of the most suitable locks for your doors and windows

We particularly recommend that locks are changed when you move into your new house or when a tenant vacates a property, that way ensuring full peace of mind for you and your new tenants

It has been reported for some time now that West Yorkshire is particularly vulnerable to break-ins through upvc doors, why?  Well, people in West Yorkshire are reported to be less likely to fit anti-snap locks.   At Absolutelocks we will always recommend that an  Avocet ABS cylinders is fitted as we find this lock the best deterrent to burglars, in the industry these are known as the ‘diamond standard’ and it is what the Police recommend to deter burglars (and unfortunately after a burglary).  At Absolute Locks we want them to be used as a deterrent, not an afterthought.


As you can see we are good at what we do.(Don’t worry burglars don’t pick locks)