A British Standard Yale lock is certainly a worthwhile addition to your wooden door security. This type of lock is called a night latch; Yale is just one of many manufacturers who produce this type of product.

Many years ago this  lock (pictured) was the only form of security that most people had on their doors.

Yale Lock


Yale lock British Standard,

As time went by it became apparent that these  locks are not very secure and can easily be bypassed (like you see in the movies with a credit card)

Insurance companies now require a 5 lever mortice lock (pictured below) as now the main lock for your door.

Yale Lock British Standard,

But people still liked the convenience of the Yale (being able to close the door without turning a key)  so the manufacturers made an improvement on the old design.

The British standard Yale lock was born (night latch). This new improved product had most of the old lock’s features , just far more secure. One very noticeable thing you see is the cylinder lock (this is the lock you put your key into) is protected, the old Yale did not have this protection. As you can see (pictured below) the Yale night latch is far more robust compared to the old standard Yale night latch. Another feature this lock has is that if someone attempts to bypass the latch with a credit card type card the latch will not move  back

The one big down side of this night latch or any night latch is, if you inadvertently leave your keys in the house and pop out to put the bin out, you will be locked out and you will have to call on another key holder or a locksmith.

In my opinion the safer option would be to fit a  mortice deadlock, you could have them keyed alike so one key would open the door, there would  be no possibility of locking yourself out, unless of course you were to lose your keys.

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Yale Lock British Standard,