A customer wanted to lock his composite door (similar to a upvc door) without having to use a key; he told me that what he really wanted was  a digital door lock.  He preferred this type of lock as his son was starting comprehensive school, he needed access to the house on his own but was not renowned for looking after keys!

This was a request I hadn’t had before so after researching what was available, my recommendation was Yale key free locks.

Yale key free locks, Bradford locksmith

I needed to ensure that the mechanism in the door (this is the long locking strip in the edge of the door) would accept this type of locking handle.


  • 92mm centres (measurement between the centre of the spindle and centre of the keyhole)
  • Spring loaded gear box (on lifting the handle, release and it should return to the centre position)
  • Detent in the gear box ( open the door and throw the handle up which will throw the hooks out, now try and push back the hooks, if you can’t  it has a detent and is compatible, if the hooks can be pushed in with your hand then it hasn’t got a detent and therefore isn’t compatible).

Having ordered  Yale’s key free locks and received it promptly, I arranged a fitting with the customer.

There are 4 holes for fixing the handle to the door and then a further and larger hole is required for the wire that connects the outside handle to the inside handle.

Once the handle was fixed to the door the rest of the process of programming the handle (with a code) is relatively straightforward.  There are 2 remote fobs with this handle which can be quite appealing to many who like their gadgets!

How to use  Yale key free locks

From the inside:

Press the button on the handle of the Yale key free locks, push the handle down ( you will know this as a computerised voice confirms to you) You now have 7 seconds to exit the house, once outside you need to pull the door closed and push the handle up (this is to comply with your insurance), the door is now locked (again you will be told this).

From the outside:

Enter your code and push the handle down, alteratively use the fob.

To sum up

You would need to be a confident DIY expert as it requires some setting out on the door and there is no template for drilling the holes for fixing to the door.

Read the instructions so you fully understand the product.

This is an expensive lock, on top of which you may also need a new multi-point mechanism (the long lock strip in the edge of the door to accomodate this handle) if your current one isn’t compatible.

If you do get stuck Yale are very helpful.

If you would like this product but don’t feel you are able to fit to your door contact your local locksmith who will be able to help.

For more infomation about Yale Key Free Locks and other Yale related products please click here or the link below: