1101, 2018

5 Home Security Issues You May Overlook

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home securityHOME SECURITY

When it comes to home security there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration and this often […]

1204, 2016

Yale lock British standard

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A British Standard Yale lock is certainly a worthwhile addition to your wooden door security. This type of lock is called a night latch; Yale is just one of many manufacturers […]

703, 2016

Wooden door lock upgrades

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Upgrading a wooden door lock on an internal door is a straightforward thing to do.

The glass panelled door pictured shows a latch in the door.


1811, 2015

My upvc lock won’t open what do I do?

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New door?  Don’t be too hasty

A customer was unable to open her upvc lock and a (quite well known) upvc door company she had asked for advice told her that […]

1509, 2015

Yale key free locks

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A customer wanted to lock his composite door (similar to a upvc door) without having to use a key; he told me that what he really wanted was  a digital […]

2005, 2015

Sash jammers – very important things to know

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As a locksmith I have been asked on many occasions how can I make a upvc doors more secure.

Before I discuss the merits of sash jammers, it’s important to understand a […]

505, 2015

Bradford locksmith has seen the light

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Bradford locksmith has seen the light– As a Bradford locksmith I am always on the look out for ways to improve security for Bradford families.

I was recently called to a […]

2503, 2015

Prevention of burglaries at home

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Prevention of burglaries at home.

As a locksmith working in Bradford I have attended many burglaries and I know how distressing it can be.  A question I am often asked and […]

2503, 2015

Tricky lock for Bradford locksmiths

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I had a call this week from one of my regular Bradford  customers asking if I could change a lock at a property because they had lost the keys to […]

1702, 2015

Attempted burglary in Bradford thwarted by sash jammers

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 Attempted burglary in Bradford thwarted by sash jammers


I had a call from a friend of mine whose relative was in need of a locksmith as there had been an attempted […]

1202, 2015

A day of drama for Bradford locksmith

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 A day of drama for  Bradford locksmith


 Recently  I received a call from a lady “How much notice would you need to do a job for me?”



302, 2015

Landlords. Are your locks fit for purpose?

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I had a call late one evening, 11.30 to be precise. A young woman in Bradford was locked out of her house that she had just rented.  She had told […]

302, 2015

No rest for this Bradford locksmith

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No rest for this Bradford locksmith

Saturday can be a quiet day for me workwise;  which I don’t really mind as I am a keen archer and I can use that […]

2401, 2015

High level of burglaries in Bradford

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High level of burglaries in Bradford, anti-snap locks, home security,

 High level of burglaries in Bradford

Comparison website Moneysupermarket tracked millions of theft claims […]

2001, 2015

Removing a broken key from a euro cylinder lock

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 Removing a broken key from a euro cylinder lock

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you when you put your key into the lock of your upvc […]

1501, 2015

Changing the code on a digital door lock

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Changing the code on a digital door lock

I have fitted a lot of digital door locks during my time as a locksmith, many customers ask me if is it easy […]

1201, 2015

Burglar alarm systems

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Burglar alarm systems,


Do you have a burglar alarm system? Statistics indicate that you are less likely to be burgled if you […]

601, 2015

Protect the ones that protect you.

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Protect the ones that protect you, our pets,micro-chip,dog baiting,home security,


Although I am a locksmith I am also a pet owner and home […]

501, 2015

Buying a new home? Should I change my locks?

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change my locks?, new locks, keys,change your locks,new house,When you buy a new house, there are often so many things on your […]

3012, 2014

Locked out of a flat door

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If your locked out of your flat door,which locksmith company would you call?



The one thing you want to feel confident in, is the locksmith you have called is experienced enough […]

3012, 2014

Removing a broken key from a cylinder lock

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Assuming you can get to both sides of the door, hear is a useful video if you have a broken key in a rim cylinder  lock.Most of the general public call […]

2412, 2014

A upvc door lock problem in keighley

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2014 - 1 (5)


I had a call from a customer in Keighley who said they couldn’t open their door

The door in […]

2312, 2014

Do you have an ABS cylinder lock in your door

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ABS cylinder lock,Lock,Key,Bradford,upvc door,Shipley,


Due to the amount of burglary’s in West Yorkshire the police are advising the general public to fit […]

2312, 2014

If you’re locked out in Bradford call the proffessionals

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Rouge locksmith,Locksmith,Damaged cylinder lock,Bradford,

Sunday morning I thought should be quiet and it would give me a chance to catch up with some […]

2112, 2014

Home Security

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When thinking about home security what should we consider?

The one thing that people do often forget about  when considering home security especially if they have been living in a house […]

912, 2014

Picking open a Brisant anti-snap cylinder

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The Brisant anti-snap cylinder is quite a new lock to the market.It has the usual properties of an anti-snap cylinder in the fight against burglars, but it is quite a […]

2211, 2014

Don’t share your house this Christmas!

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Burglary,Break ins,Burglars,Security,

Halloween?  Bonfire night?  Christmas?

Exciting times for many of us.  Unfortunately burglars see the dark nights as a time to take […]

710, 2014

Can your UPVC locks keep out the burglars?

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Are you aware that the new UPVC doors have locks fitted that are not of the highest standard (what a surprise!) I recommend that anyone with these types of locks, new or old, have a free no obligation assessment from Absolute Locks.

Pictured below is the after effects of a burglar snapping a lock, believe it or not the tool they use is cheap and readily available, you can even find websites that show you how to do it.

And if you can, you can guarantee that a burglar can.

standard euro cylinder, broken euro cylinder, bradford locksmith

After many years experience I recommend […]

1502, 2013

Commercial properties and Landlords

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Absolute Locks work in partnership with a number of landlords across Yorkshire, including Huddersfield, Leeds, Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and Skipton.  We change locks between tenancies to give peace of mind […]

1502, 2013

Upgrading of security and lock changes

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Our locksmiths are specialists in all areas of UPVC doors, mechanisms and locks. We can advise you on how best to upgrade your security and locks  and make suggestions for additional […]

1401, 2013

Who we work with

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Age UK (formerly Age Concern).  Absolute locks have been proud to work with Age UK, we see this as an endorsement of our trustworthiness and reliability.

Letting Agents. We work for […]

1401, 2013

Emergency locksmith service

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When you need an emergency locksmith and your locked  out of your house, flat or car,Absolute can get you back into your house with the minimum of fuss and at a […]

1401, 2013

Commercial Properties

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How safe is your property?

1401, 2013

Domestic Properties

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Locked out of your house?

1401, 2013


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Losing or misplacing house keys

1401, 2013


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24/7 emergency locked out service