Prevention of burglaries at home.

As a locksmith working in Bradford I have attended many burglaries and I know how distressing it can be.  A question I am often asked and one that I was asked again today”how can you make my house burglar proof”

Prevention of burglaries at home

The security industry is constantly thinking of new designs and techniques to offer better protection to the people in Bradford and around the UK, for example anti snap euro locks  for UPVC doors (as recommended by the Police).  Research shows ( that a combination of devices gives the most effective protection.  We know that the 3* anti- cylinder is a deterrent but add to this some external lighting and window locks and the burglars are far less likely to come visiting you!  Your local Bradford locksmith is here to give you advice.

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 Prevention of burglaries at home

Before I trained as a locksmith I worked for an organisation called  S.P.E.E.D ( Securing properties effectively, economically daily)

As an engineer our daily duties would be to improve the  security on all external doors and windows that were easily accessible.

For upvc doors we would fit:

Front door:

1  Anti-snap cylinder.

2  Spy hole (if suitable)

3  Door restrictor

Back door upvc:

1  Anti-snap cylinder

2  2  Sash jammers. ( if you would like to read more about sash jammers please click the link below)

For wooden doors we would fit:

Front door:

1   5 lever mortice sash lock  conforms to BS3621

2  5 lever mortice deadlock conforms to BS3621

3  Spy hole

4 Door chain

Back door:

1 5 lever mortice sashlock conforms to BS3621

2  2 rack bolts, 1 would be fit near the  top of the door and  1 near the bottom of the door.

Upvc windows would have:

2 Sash jammers fitted.

Wooden windows would have:

2 Snap locks fitted.

I still believe fitting these locks on your doors would improve your home security and make your house far safer. Unfortunately this only happens when we are burgled or a neighbour is burgled

Your local Bradford locksmith is here to give you advice

Sash jammers-