Attempted burglary in Bradford thwarted by sash jammers

I had a call from a friend of mine whose relative was in need of a locksmith as there had been an attempted burglary at her house 

She had contacted him to ask if he could recommend a locksmith in the Bradford area; he gave me a call and asked if I would go and have a look 

The property was in Bingley, an area I know well. When I arrived the owner showed me to the back door 

It was the usual forced entry that I see a lot of on upvc doors; the handle was broken on the outside and the cylinder lock was snapped.  This is the most common way that burglars break into upvc doors, a practice that, ironically, started in Bradford (and as reported on national news) 

Attempted burglary in Bradford thwarted by sash jammers

Bradford locksmith has seen the light, break -in,

Fortunately for this customer there were two sash jammers on the door; this definitely stopped the burglars from entering the house 

Bradford locksmith has seen the light, break-in

Sash jammers are an excellent addition to your upvc doors or windows, adding to the security of your property.  Sash jammers work well on doors and are operated from the inside; acting as a secondary defence to the burglar.  In fact they can be almost as good as a lock (as long as they have been fitted correctly.)  It is worth fitting them on the front door and using them when you go to bed.


Recommendations for your upvc door security:


1  The cylinder lock should be of the anti-snap variety. a 3* anti-snaplock  is the best option.


2  The door handles can either be standard or PAS 24 handles.  PAS 24 handles should be  used with standard cylinder locks or below 3*  anti- snap cylinder locks.


3  Sash Jammers are an inexpensive addition to your door security and are easy to fit, we recommend that you have 2 sash jammers per door.

A door viewer (spy hole) is also a good addition to your security. Some viewers have a camera attached to them so a picture or video can be taken of the person at the door.

If you have any doubts about your upvc or home security contact your local locksmith who will be happy to give you advice.