As a locksmith I have been asked on many occasions how can I make a upvc doors more secure.

Before I discuss the merits of sash jammers, it’s important to understand a few things about door security;

All upvc doors have 2 components with regards to the locking device on the door

1 The multi-point mechanism – this is the long strip in the edge of the door.

2 The cylinder lock – this is the lock you put your key into.

Hopefully your multi-point mechanism is the type that has hooks, if not, it may be advisable to upgrade this. This makes the door more secure.

The next thing to look at is your cylinder lock. This is the lock you put your key into.
Generally speaking if the lock in the door has been there a while and certainly if it’s been there since the door was installed then this will be a standard variety (poor quality). These, unfortunately are easy for burglars to gain access to.

Burglars have worked out how easy it is to break into a cylinder lock using a simple DIY tool and they can get in within minutes.

The good news is that it is quite easy to improve your lock security. Your local locksmith will be happy to help in this matter.

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Sash Jammers

Moving on to sash jammers; as with most things in life there are pros and cons attached. Sash jammers can be a brilliant addition to your door security; they are simple to fit and they do a good job of keeping the burglars at bay. On the downside, as with most things, the more they are used the more they will wear out. The effect of this on a sash jammer is that it becomes loose and then it loses its effectiveness.

On three separate occasions I have been called out to customers who have been locked out due to sash jammers that have become loose and dropped down after the door has been closed, not a good situation for the customers.

Twice I had to deglaze windows to gain access to the inside, not an easy job; the third time I was able to use my letter box tool which acts like an extended arm through the letterbox and enabled me to knock the sash jammer up which allowed my access.
The sash jammer is a brilliant addition to your upvc security if fitted correctly; just ensure that you replace them at the first signs of becoming loose, all that is needed is a Phillips screwdriver to complete the task.