Bradford locksmith has seen the light– As a Bradford locksmith I am always on the look out for ways to improve security for Bradford families.

I was recently called to a house in Bradford that had been burgled.
I was fitting a new anti-snap lock and a pair of handles when I heard the policeman talking to the owners about outside sensor lights (often a good idea). The owner spoke about cctv but the policeman dismissed this as expensive; suggesting a more economical answer. The answer being a sensor light that has a built-in camera that takes pictures of anyone coming within range. It’s a lot cheaper than cctv cameras, and would be effective in Bradford.

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The policeman went on to say “a burglar normally wears a hoody. When he sees a sensor light he will try and knock it out of the way with a pole. In order to do that he has to look up at the light, ‘bingo’ this is where the sensor is so brilliant it captures the picture of his face and this is stored on an sd card which can be given to the police”

This is a fantastic device, I read that 90% of burglaries in Bradford go unsolved; this light with a camera could be invaluable. For more information follow the link at the bottom of this page.

As a Bradford locksmith I decided to do a bit of my own detective work to see what is available for increased home security.

There are numerous types of devices out there; all varying in price. A basic one is a light and it takes pictures. A more expensive one has a light that follows the person when they come within range and then captures that on video.

There are lights out there to suit your needs and budget.

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