I had a call this week from one of my regular Bradford  customers asking if I could change a lock at a property because they had lost the keys to the front door, however they did have the keys to the back door.

 I could have gone to pick the back door keys up but as the property was nearer to me than the keys it seemed logical to go directly to the property and pick the lock on the front door open.  I was sure this would be the easiest option.

 I was told the door was wooden but when I turned up I was confronted with a upvc door with PAS24 security handles on it (see photo). Please note, these handles are excellent, they keep out burglars as the cylinder can not easily be attacked so a very good addition to your home security, that’s their job! and because of that it is also difficult to get at the lock.

For more information about about PAS24 handles please click on the link below.

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I rang the office to confirm it was the correct property (I didn’t want to get the door open and change the lock to then realise it’s the wrong house!)  Everything seemed to be in order so I started work.

 Normally it’s quite easy to get a upvc door open either by picking, which is the method I prefer or by drilling. The problem with these handles is that you can’t drill them, they have to be picked. This particular cylinder lock was a standard cylinder lock not the anti-snap variety, which made my job that bit easier.

After several minutes I successfully gained entry to the property without any damage to the lock or the handle, I am pleased to report ‘another successful mission’.  

Please click on the link to find out more about HOPPE security handles