A day of drama for  Bradford locksmith


 Recently  I received a call from a lady “How much notice would you need to do a job for me?”


A day of drama for Bradford locksmith, Locksmith, Bradford, lock picked,



I told her that hour would be enough


“Good, I will need you on Thursday (this was Monday) but I will ring an hour before, I want you to gain entry to a property so I can remove my belongings.  She went on to explain that her marriage had broken down and she was leaving her husband.  Just before she hung up she told me the lock in the door is one of those “special locks” and asked if I would be able to open it.  I advised that I was sure I would be able to


The week went by and no call from my prospective customer, the following week started as normal and I was at a supplier when the ‘phone rang; “Hello can you come now?” (it was my prospective customer).  I told her that I was on my way as soon as she could give me an address and any documents to show that she was entitled to be at the property.  This is really important if there is a dispute affecting property


She assured me that she had and the police would be in attendance, this seemed a bit extreme but obviously it wasn’t necessary to know the ins and outs of my customers’ business


The property was in Bradford and I was Wakefield so it was about a 40 minute journey. I had told the customer about this when I set off but every ten minutes she rang to ask where I was even though she knew where I was coming from. I had a feeling this was going to be an unusual day!


I arrived at the property and was met by a police officer and a special constable.  The customer showed me the door and I started to pick this high security lock.  In order to pick effectively, some time and space is needed, this was proving difficult as the customer was screaming at me “Hurry up, drill it, do anything to get in!”


I did get the lock open and the customer immediately demanded the keys.  “There are no keys I picked the lock”  The lady asked me to fit a new lock and to leave the keys with her.


I finished and was on my way when the removal men appeared; my customer explained to them that the kitchen equipment was in the cellar and she especially wanted the American fridge freezer (a huge beast of a thing).  They took one look at it and told the lady that they didn’t have tools to dismantle it.  “He’s got tools” the customer shouted, pointing at me.  A different use of my tools but I was happy to oblige.


The job was finished and the removal men on their way when my customer screamed “I’ve lost the keys”  Hard to believe but she asked me to fit a new lock rather than spend time looking for the key.


Just when I thought nothing more dramatic could happen the lady’s husband appeared on the scene, the police had left the house by this time but a ‘phone call brought them back in 10 minutes.  The police were keen for me to be paid and move on, by this point I thought that was a good idea, I had been at the house for over 4 hours by now


I was just about to sit down that evening when the phone rang; it was my customer again.  “You know that lock you fit, is it easy to get it  open?  I need to get back in and get the rest of my things”  I pointed out that she now had keys to get in  “The police made me give the keys to my husband”  Ah well I said, if that’s the case I won’t be going back to change the locks…

This was a day of drama for Bradford locksmith!!!!
They say variety is the spice of life but some days you just want a quieter life!