Burglar alarm systems,


Do you have a burglar alarm system? Statistics indicate that you are less likely to be burgled if you have one, the alarm system itself can be enough of a deterrent.

Over the years burglar alarms have improved from their original concept.

Today you have the option of a hard-wired burglar alarm systems; this means it is wired to the main electrical supply; or you have the option of the wire free/DIY remote type system.

The hard-wire alarm systems are more expensive but in return you get a more reliable system.  Also, if they are installed correctly the will then conform to the Association of Chief Police officers intruder alarm policy, basically this means that it conforms to British Standards.

The remote/wire free burglar alarm systems are inexpensive in comparison and can be purchased on-line or from your local DIY store.  Yale are a typical supplier of this type of product.  A drawback with this product is of course, if something was to go wrong with it and you haven’t the knowledge to correct it, where do you go?  I’m sure your neighbours will be really enamoured with you when your new alarm system is going off at 2 in the morning and you don’t know how to shut it off.

If you go down the route of the all singing all dancing hard-wired burglar alarm system it would pay to do some research, you can go on some recommendations your neighbour has given you, ”Oh John fit a burglar alarm for us, I met him down the Nags Head he does a really good deal” It might sound really good, but are they qualified, have they got the relevant qualifications?  Are they a member of a recognised organisation?

There is an old saying “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”

For more info please click on the link below to read this article by the Metropolitan Police:


The latest improvement which uses the most up to date technology in an alarm system is the Canary which uses the Intelligent Home Security System.  It claims to be a live-in security guard, it learns your movements,  The inventor claims that the system prevents false alarms, thus claiming greater reliability than the more traditional systems,  The other thing that I find appealing is that pets won’t set the alarm off as they wander around the house, often we install an alarm to protect our pets as much as our property.  The system will send alerts  to your Smart ‘phone if it considers there is unusual activity at your property.

For more information read this article by the Daily Mail.


Please click on the to see this article by the Metropolitan Police.