Changing the code on a digital door lock

I have fitted a lot of digital door locks during my time as a locksmith, many customers ask me if is it easy to change the code.  The answer to that is yes, however, it’s like a lot of things, if you’re not using it regularly you forget.  In order to remind people what to do when the time comes, I have made a short video explaining how to change codes on digital door locks.



When changing the code on a digital door lock the most important thing is to have a clear work surface, then follow these steps:

1  Turn the digital lock on its front, button side down

2  Remove the two screws securing the back panel

3  Press and hold the C button and press the first number you need to change (let’s say it’s a red slider/disc)

4  Remove one of the red topped slider/discs

5  Holding in C remove a blue topped slider/disc

6  If you are putting the red topped slider/disc in the left hand side make sure the red is on top and the big cut out is on the left

7  If you are putting the slider on the right hand side, make sure the colour is to the top and the cut out is on the right

Keep to this process and you will have no problems in changing the code on your digital door lock

If you need to change your code on your digital door lock but don’t feel confident to do so, why not contact your local locksmith who would be pleased to help you.

To see more os click on the link below:f my video