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Due to the amount of burglary’s in West Yorkshire the police are advising the general public to fit the ABS cylinder lock in their upvc doors.

This is a very good advice, as the ABS cylinder lock do deter burglars.

But there is one thing that people with these locks need to be made aware of, you can not use any form of  lubricants on the ABS cylinder lock.

No WD40, 3-1 oil or any liquid lubricants,only graphite powder.

A new customer of mine in Bradford, called me when she could not remove the key from her ABS cylinder lock ,she had used WD40 on the lock ,the locksmith who had fitted it did not make the customer aware of the affect this would have on the lock.

As locksmiths I am always happy to be called out to make someone’s house more secure,but I believe it is our duty to know and understand our product properly, so we can pass on any information to our customers.

The key was stuck solid in this ABS cylinder lock and it took a great deal of effort to remove it.
This is the second time I have been out to this type of problem, the first time was in Shipley,so please take heed.

So if you have any locking problems please contact us we are always pleased to help.

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