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Sunday morning I thought should be quiet and it would give me a chance to catch up with some paperwork.

By 9 am I had my first call.

A guy had called me because he had just moved to a new rental property in Bradford and locked himself out on the Saturday.

He had called the association he rented from and they sent out their locksmith?

So I arrived at the property and was confronted with what you see in the photo(destroyed cylinder lock)
Actually what the locksmith? Had done had made it quite easy for me and I opened the door in a couple of minutes.

The customer was very happy and asked me if he had called me would I been able to get him in without all the damage.


The thing is, occasionally you are going to come across a lock that will not open and you have to drill, but at least please try and if you struggle on a lock practice,practice, until you understand it, but don’t destroy the handle and don’t leave your customer in limbo.

So if you are locked out in Bradford, Keighley, Shipley, Bingley, Halifax or Huddersfield please call Absolute Locks, we always try and get you in without damage to your lock.