Protect the ones that protect you, our pets,micro-chip,dog baiting,home security,

Although I am a locksmith I am also a pet owner and home owner and responsible for the protection of the things we value.


In my eyes our pets come under the umbrella of Home Security, they are very important to everyone in our family, we would be devastated if anything happened to them, they bring us such joy with their funny ways; my dogs are always there with a smile on their face and a wagging tail and no hidden agenda (some humans could learn a thing or two from them)


There has been a lot of coverage lately in the press and social media regarding pet dogs being stolen for dog baiting, this is a disgusting and abhorrent practice; the people who are perpetrating this are nothing more than criminals, and have no consideration at all for life, all they are concerned with is making money and it does not matter who they hurt.

Please read this article published by the Telegraph

In my capacity as a locksmith I have been contacted by a customer who has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, such a lovely dog, very friendly.  Did you know that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was given the nickname ‘Nanny Dog’ due to them being so good with children?  The owner is quite concerned about this issue; there have been some people knocking at home-owners doors or approaching people in the street asking what types of dogs live in the neighbourhood.


Through a smart ‘phone you will be able to track every movement your pet makes.  The drawback at the moment is that the patent is still pending and it doesn’t appear as if anyone has made a move to start production although I’m keeping my ears to the ground on this one.

Let’s hope if the manufacturers consider there to be enough demand then things will get moving shortly, I know we would be first in the queue as soon as they do. After all our dogs would do anything to protect us and we need to ensure that we do the same for them.